eleasing us to be our full wonderful selves or tying us up in knots, our emotional lives determine a great deal of the fullness of our experience. Our emotional makeup and health can release us to be fun, free and open or neurotic, small and self-absorbed. Oh, how we want to be fully alive, confident and ready to give to the world; not just grinding through life trying to survive another meaningless day.

The Art and Science of Being Fully Alive™ helps us focus on building up our emotional strength and reserve to face life with a firm gaze and a warm heart. We need to “grow up” emotionally and realize the world owes us nothing and that we will be stronger and healthier the more we reach out and find a meaning and purpose greater than ourselves to order our thoughts and actions. Totally tied into the other elements of living we cannot attack this alone. Our physical, spiritual, mental and relational elements all directly affect our emotional well-being. And being a 10 emotionally gives us energy and enthusiasm for all the rest of life.

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