h, the mind. The seat of reason and logic. As human beings we have the amazing ability to reflect on ourselves, to amass knowledge and pass it on from one person to the next, from one generation to the next.

In today’s culture, fully developing our minds has somehow become passé and out of style. What a horrible, horrible shame! We have an amazing strength in our intellects, in our ability to solve complex problems. We need to continue to develop our logic and reasoning skills so that we are not mere creatures of our emotions and natural urges but rather that we rise above our circumstances to analyze and reflect on them.

Have you fully developed your mental abilities? Do you exert your rational mind and use your strength of analysis and rational thought to work out the complex problems of your existence or do you just let life happen to you? We are not victims of our existence but co-creators of our lives.

Or are you the opposite? Do you feel compelled to constantly learn? Are you so “in your head” that you’ve lost track of your heart? Is your mind constantly engaged with no time out just to “be”? When do you play? When do you get so engrossed in some fun activity that time simply slips away and you don’t have a “care in the world”?

Take charge. Be in control of your thoughts and the strength of your mind. Live a 1010 existence by exercising and strengthening your mind, resting it appropriately, and keeping it sharp even as you age.

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