ou were created for relationship. And you really don’t exist apart from your relationships. They define who we are more than any other single element of life. At the end of your life, no one will care about how much money you had, how good you looked, or what you achieved at work. And the only thing you will really care about is how much you have loved and have been loved.

Nothing causes us more joy (and more pain) than our relationships. We cannot be fully alive without healthy and fulfilling relationships. Relational health is difficult because it doesn’t depend just on us. It takes two to tango. And when you add in three, four, or more, the chaotic dance that ensues can be (nearly always is) a bit crazy. But it is the dance that makes life worth living. There is much we can learn and apply to make our relationships better. And then there is your own artistic touch that you must apply with great love to create the kind of relationships that will let you live 10 out of 10.

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