hat is the elusive thing we call “the spirit?” We can recognize it in others when we see it. We sometimes catch a glimpse of it in ourselves. We all long for peace, contentment and a measure of joy! Yes, the human experience is meant to be marked by things like faith, peace, hope, love, contentment, and joy. But most people go about the discovery of these things in all of the wrong ways. In many cases we choose spiritual paths that lead in the exact opposite direction; all the while chasing the mirage with passionate fervor. There are many aspects of our life, but none is more profound, confounding, at times elusive, and ultimately meaningful than the spiritual.

Discovering how to live well, how to love God well, how to love our families and neighbors well and how to impact the world around us in a significant way…that is the goal. Join us in exploring the spiritual ways of a life well-lived. We disdain religious piety, pat answers and “Sunday School” solutions to Monday morning realities. So you won’t find that here.

Passionate searching; Honest journeying; Heartfelt exploration, that is what we desire. As we work through the struggles, disappointments and pain of life we seek and find hope, peace, contentment and joy. Are you fully alive, spiritually? It is the most rewarding and the most challenging of life’s journeys. And, so long as you are alive, it remains a journey not a destination.

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